Whelped February 1, 2018
1 Black Female & 1 Yellow Female



“Bauer” is an extremely good looking chocolate male, weighing about 90 lbs. He was a Southland bred puppy, out of my HR Southland Gentleman Joe and a chocolate bitch named Jenna. The pedigree goes back to my beloved GMHR Southland Leroy Brown. I am very excited to be able to use Bauer in my breeding program. His pedigree is exceptional.

OFA Hips (Good), OFA Elbows (Normal), CERF (Clear), EIC (Clear and CNM (Clear).











“Belle” is a stocky, very light yellow weighing about 65 lbs. I purchased Belle from my assistant, Rebekah Jenkins. Not only is she gorgeous, but she has a very sweet disposition. Her linage goes back to my beloved HR Southland Gentleman Joe and thus also to my GMHR SouthlandLeroy Brown. With Bauer being chocolate and Belle being yellow, I will get black and yellow puppies with a possibility of chocolates.

OFA Hips (Excellent), OFA Elbows (Normal) and CERF (Clear).







This impressive pedigree, a line breeding on “Leroy”, should produce an avid retriever for a hunting enthusiast or just simply a wonderful family companion. The litter will be ready to go the weekend of March 23rd and the cost is $2200.00


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